5 Blue Overlay Glass Snuffbottles


a) Blue Overlay Glass Snuff Bottle carved to the opaque white ground with a vigorous depicted goldfish on each side with a cluster of Lotus. 19/20th C, Height 7,5 cm

b) Glass overlay Snuffbottle, the milky-white ground crisply decorated in blue overlay with cranes among lotos. 19/20th C, H 8 cm.

c) Snowflake Glass Snuffbottle decorated with a large blue overlay. 19/20th C, Height 7,7 cm

d) Blue Overlay Glass Snuffbottle deeply carved to the snowflake ground with a design of flying geese within clouds over stylized waves. 19th C, Height 7,9 cm

e) Snowflake Glass Snuffbottle decorated with deeply carved blue overlay. Depicting: Squirrels among vineleaves. 19/20th C, Height 7 cm

Picture: Robert Oisin Cusack, Cologne


ID 1
Material Glass
Period 19/20th C
Price on request


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